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Artificial grass has been a popular surface for property owners to use for sports field turf, since the mid-1980s. Hundreds of synthetic turf fields are installed every year in schools, from K-12 through elite colleges and the NFL. It’s performance, safety, durability and value is proven by history – and it just keeps getting better and better!

New styles and properties of artificial grass are now available and deliver incredibly natural looking surfaces; ideal for lawns and landscape areas.  Complimenting the sports field turf styles – landscape styles of artificial grass can be used indoors and out.

Endorsed for use with canines by the American Kennel Club, artificial grass can also be successfully used, when combined with a regular grooming routine, for public and private dog parks. Grooming would include normal “pet owner duties”; including removing debris and refreshing the surfaces, with cleaning agents, from time to time.

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ARTIFICIAL GRASS For Parks, Recreation, Parking Lots, Roofs, and Other Municipal Projects FROM PreGra

  • Made in the USA
  • Single to Multi-Colored Styles
  • Most natural looking blade system available
  • 100% Polyethylene Yarns (No Nylon)
  • Lush grass without the water
  • Premium monofilament grass blades
  • Simple installation – Self Install or Hire a PreGra PRO – Professional Artificial Grass Installer
  • Low maintenance, So Easy to Maintain, for YEARS!
  • Pet friendly – outdoors or indoors!
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Poly-urethane, athletic-grade backing is porous
  • All weather rated (sun, snow, rain)
  • COMPLETELY POROUS – Drains Vertically!
  • Built durable, guaranteed! See warranty

Alternative building options, such as cement, asphalt or expensive paving stones – or a lush grass lawn area for playing and relaxing with your pets. Artificial grass surfaces are recognized by the American Kennel Club as a great solution for K9 kennels, and more. Any of our PreGra Premium Brand Artificial Grass styles can provide your a long lasting, lush lawn for your K9 Buddies, your family and YOU!

No More Reseeding! No More Patching! No More Lawn Mowers, Watering or Hassle of Mud or Mess!

Of course, the obvious benefit of artificial grass turf for lawn is the low maintenance and the high traffic it can handle.

No longer reserved for sports field turf solutions – artificial grass is the “grass” solution of choice for pet owners, breeders and k9 kennel operators, across the globe.

Artificial grass is a valuable landscape tool and reliable solution for reducing maintenance costs, repair and replacement, erosion, chemical use, water waste!

In support of the effort to reduce water, chemicals and other aspects of lawns of natural grass, many communities offer incentives for removing natural grasses and using artificial grass. 


Consider artificial turf grass for an upcoming project! PreGra PROs Offer Free Estimates.

Professionally installed artificial lawn grasses for:

lawns and landscapes, events, public sports and recreation centers, dog parks and common areas;medians, walkways and parking lots

Easy to clean; safe & durable!

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