Be a PreGra PRO Artificial Grass Installer!

Be a PreGra Pro Artificial Grass Installer

Pregra Artificial Grass installer

Pregra Artificial Grass installer

Thank you for your interest
in joining our PreGra PRO team!

PreGra sets itself apart from any others by providing you with a unique opportunity to be in control of the growth of your company.

PreGra is here to provide you with the support, promotion and expertise necessary to help you develop and expand your business into artificial grass installation. Any idea how many leads can be generated in your area?  Well, we know – and we’re willing to share leads, with you!

PreGra provides you the knowledge and the tools to succeed. PreGra is NOT a franchising company, THERE ARE NO FEES*.


Pregra Artificial Grass installer

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Pregra Artificial Grass installer

How can I become
a PreGra PRO?

We are looking for highly motivated companies and individuals. If you are interested in becoming a PreGra PRO you should have landscape retailing and/or landscape installation experience.

You must have the proper licenses, insurance, tools and equipment necessary to perform installation at the highest level of quality.

As a PreGra PRO you will have many opportunities to expand your artificial grass business through our unique advertising rebate program and the PreGra PROS Lead Program.

Benefits of Joining
the PreGra Team

FREE Marketing on, Email and Costco Member Newsletters | PreGraPROs lead generation on – State-of-the-art ONLINE Lead Management!

NO COST to you for prospect samples or initial lead generation!
Performance Based program
• No limit to market potential
• Support to help you grow
• Advancement Opportunities
• No franchise fees, EVER!
Our Certified Artificial Grass
Installer Program Can Help You
Build A Profitable
Artificial Grass Installation Business, FAST!
First Steps to
Joining PreGra PROS
Please provide us the
following documents:

• Completed Application with PreGra
• Proof of General Business Liability & Accident Insurance Policies
If Required – Your Active State Contractors License
• Proof of Property Damage, Vehicle & Workers Comp Insurance Policies
• Your Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN)
• For Non-taxable orders: A copy of your active state issued Resale Tax Certificate (Seller’s Permit)

You’ll enjoy recognition as a member of an elite group of artificial grass installer businesses, focusing upon professional quality installation of artificial grass.

Why be a PreGra PRO?
You will be connected to the best artificial grass manufacturer in the business. PreGra™ represents the highest quality, best prices, and widest USA Made artificial grass selections. You will receive the best support, training, delivery and advertising in the artificial grass business, bar none.

If you are going to be in the Artificial Grass business you want to be associated with PreGra™. Your profits will soar and your business will be easier to grow and operate if you sell and install PreGra™. The detailed requirements to become a PreGra PRO™ are in our program guide, you can download, above.

Pregra Artificial Grass installer

Pregra Artificial Grass installer

Why PreGra?
Pregra Artificial Grass installer

PreGra™ is an Artificial Grass that is manufactured by a highly talented and experienced Artificial Grass manufacturing, located in GEORGIA, USA.

Our artificial grass manufacturing company has been setting the watermark of excellence in artificial grass and synthetic sports field turf products since the early 1970s.

Industry Innovators for more than 40 years, PreGra™ has consistently improved both its own product offerings; through research and development; as well as, the level of quality, form and function of the product solutions available in the artificial grass market, today

How Could PreGra Products, sold online and in local Costco stores, be an advantage to my bottom line?

splash_green1Costco provides the nationwide recognition of a highly respected company, giving you considerable credibility over your competition.

splash_green1You no longer have to keep inventory or pay freight! A huge relief on cash flow, job cost & overhead!

splash_green1No fork-lift pole, or special handling equipment to move rolls!

splash_green1No worry about getting job materials purchased, shipped, staged, stored, awaiting the job start!



No more inside warehouse space required for 15 foot rolls!
No more storage racks, cardboard cores, piles of scrap.
NO MORE wasted inventory $$$!


We look forward to you
joining the PreGra PROS Team!

You Could Look Forward to HUGE OPPORTUNITIES, too – Read Below!



Pregra Artificial Grass installer



splash_green1 Large enough to handle big projects?

splash_green1 Do you have experience, licensing, bonds and the crews and equipment to handle “any” job?

splash_green1 Do you work with municipalities, commercial projects, today – and are familiar with common bid processes and demands
splash_green1 Is your operation successful in multiple states, today?



COSTCO Provides an Incredible VOLUME DISCOUNT to Costco members!

Projects for local commercial and municipal work are often purchased through these programs by COSTCO MEMBER VOLUME BUYERS!


To Receive , Commercial, Municipal and National Account Leads, your company must have been accepted into the PreGra PROS Program in which you have provided excellent results to Costco members.

Simply request to become part of the program as long as your business affairs are current, complete, and under the same company name, currently on your account record.

You and your firm must have also demonstrated a willingness to perform above best business practices and show exemplary customer service satisfaction.

Pregra Artificial Grass installer