Artificial Grass for Recreation

Artificial Grass for Recreation, Daycare, Churches and Local Community Centers

Artificial grass styles are a perfect combination of beauty and low maintenance that can take the value of a recreational project, over the top.

With a renewed emphasis on our health and well-being, recreational areas for both day and night time use are in high demand!

Designed for sports field turf, PreGra Premium Brand Artificial Grasses are built for durability, safety and ease of use. Today’s styles are so natural, even residential home owners and the commercial building industry find that it’s a valuable landscape option.

Easily installed, simple to maintain, durable and flexible – artificial grass for landscapes, playgrounds, sports fields, and yes, lawns, are just about the most forgiving “grass” surface you could install.

Hidden Benefits – REDUCED Chemicals Around the PROJECT AREA; Reduce Allergens, Reduce Water Usage for Irrigation, Reduce or Eliminate Lawn Care Tasks and Costs for Irrigation System and Repairs.


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Pregra Artificial GrassARTIFICIAL GRASS
For Play Grounds,
Parks, Sports Fields
And Recreation

  • Made in the USA
  • Single to Multi-Colored Styles
  • Most natural looking blade system available
  • 100% Polyethylene Yarns (No Nylon)
  • Lush grass without the water
  • Premium monofilament grass blades
  • Simple installation – Self Install or Hire a PreGra PRO – Professional Artificial Grass Installer
  • Low maintenance, So Easy to Maintain, for YEARS!
  • Pet friendly – outdoors or indoors!
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Poly-urethane, athletic-grade backing is porous
  • All weather rated (sun, snow, rain)
  • COMPLETELY POROUS – Drains Vertically!
  • Built durable, guaranteed! See warranty


Think about some of the alternative solutions to installing a natural lawn in a landscape project. Bark, loose rock and gravel – hard surfaces like cement, asphalt or expensive paving stones – or a lush grass lawn area for playing and outdoor events?

HOAs around American approve the use of artificial grass solutions. Water utilities support local home owners and businesses with REBATES for artificial grass, it’s that great of a solution!

Artificial grass surfaces are recognized by the American Kennel Club as a great solution for K9 grass lawn areas in yards, kennels, and more. Any of our PreGra Premium Brand Artificial Grass styles can provide you a long lasting, lush lawn for your home, business, and especially your K9 Buddies, your family and YOU!

Pregra Artificial Grass

No More Feeding, Fertilizing, or Reseeding! No More Patching! No More Lawn Mowers, Watering or Hassle of Mud or Mess! No More Irrigation System Worries or Repairs!

Of course, the obvious benefit of artificial grass turf for sports and play is the low maintenance and the high traffic it can handle.

No longer reserved for professional or university sports field turf solutions – artificial grass is the perfect “grass” solution for recreational projects and is the choice of many, across the globe.

Considering a project for your daycare center, church, rec center or local park? Professionally installed artificial lawn grasses are beautiful, easy to clean; safe & durable!

A Smart Investment
With Long-Term Returns!

Pregra Artificial Grass

Pregra Artificial Grass

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